Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avatar IMAX vs. regular 3D

On a previous post, I told you to save your money when going to see Avatar in 3D because the 3D version is not that special. Well, somebody told me to check it out in the IMAX version. So, the question becomes should you spend the fifteen dollars to see it in this special presentation?

The first thing you notice about IMAX is that the screen is gigantic. It's fatter than the average screen also. Along with the size, the format is set to display greater resolution. It can also show 3D pictures.

So, what about Avatar in the IMAX presentation? The size and resolution definitely enhance the 3D effects. I noticed the 3D picture more than the standard 3D. There's less clutter in some of the film's busier scenes. So if you are going to see Avatar in 3D, see it in the IMAX version. But is it essential to see it in this version versus the 2d version? No. 3D gives you a crisp picture but you don't feel that much immersed in the picture than 2D. That's because your senses give you an idea of what is behind you in real life. When you're looking at a 3D movie, you still see it as two dimensions with depth. Until they develop a virtual reality helmet for the audience, you lose nothing with a movie made in two dimensions.

Now that doesn't make all 3D movies useless. They might require more money shots, you know the tip of the spear pointing right at you scene. But films such as Beowulf (2007) and the trailer for the upcoming How to Train Your Dragon (2010) are effective as 3D movies. Maybe it's the computer animation and the use of more money shots that make them more effective. Regardless, when it comes to Avatar, if you want to save your money then see this tree hugging extravaganza in 2D.

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