Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Reds at the trading deadline

Now that the trading deadline has come and gone, what does the Cincinnati Reds trade for Kansas City closer Jonathan Broxton mean? Well, first the team which is first in the National League Central believes there was nothing out there in terms of leadoff hitters to trade for or the prices were too high. It also means that the Reds are comfortable with their offense. And for good reason. As I write this, the Reds are twenty two games over .500. They may not have a leadoff hitter but folks, the Reds are winning without their best player, first baseman, Joey Votto.

But why get Broxton? The Reds are in very good shape in the bullpen. Closer Aroldis Chapman has been dominating. I think it goes this way. The Reds know they have an excellent chance of making the playoffs. Chapman is unproven in big game situations. Yes, he did play for Cuba where baseball is a religion. But this is the major leagues. Chapman was a starter. A closer has a different mentality. Broxton is an experienced closer. This year, he's got twenty three saves and a 2.21 ERA. He was two time All Star. If Chapman falters, look to Reds manager Dusty Baker to go to Broxton.

Here's the story of the trade.

Broxton made his debut yesterday. He pitched a one, two, three eighth. Just the way the Reds wanted it.

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