Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cincinnati Reds are a team of destiny

The Cincinnati Reds are winning without Joey Votto. If you recall, Votto has a torn left meniscus. He's likely not to return until late August. Yet, the Reds are not treading water. They're flourishing. The Reds have gone 20-8 without Votto.

Last night the Reds were playing the New York Mets. For eight innings, they looked dead. They weren't driving in runs with runners in scoring position. But in the bottom of the ninth, up came a struggling Jay Bruce. Reds manager Dusty Baker could have sat him and pinch hit. But Baker believes in Bruce. And Bruce paid him back. Bruce hit a walk off three run home run. This is not unusual this year. The Reds fight and find ways to win. Dare I say it? The Reds look like a championship team.

Here's the story. Video of Bruce's homer below. By the way, it was an opposite field shot. Good for Jay Bruce.

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