Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok review

Does Thor: Ragnarok signal the end of the superhero movie? I say this because I remember the Adam West Batman (1966) movie and the eighties Flash Gordon (1980). Those two films were not serious. Both were campy. And both weren't particularly funny but just goofy. The problem was that they tried to straddle total comedy and some sincere nod to the source material. We would not get a good Batman film until Tim Burton's Batman in 1989. With the large amount of comedy in Thor: Ragnarok, will anyone take Thor or any superhero movie seriously in the future?

Thor: Ragnarok takes place after Thor: The Dark World. (2013) And if you didn't see that movie or The Avengers (2012), you may not get some of the jokes. So, I'm going to spoil a little of those two movies. Anyway, we find Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fighting a big horned creature who says he is going to destroy Asgard. And if you saw the prior Thor, you know that Loki (Mr. Taylor Swift.. er. Tom Hiddleston ) has taken the form of Odin, the ruler of Asgard and is ruling in his place. Thor exposes the ruse in a funny scene if you saw the prior Thor. Loki tells Thor that the real Odin (Anthony Hopkins) is on earth.

The two travel to earth. They find him. And for some reason he dies. This we are told will lead  to Hela (Cate Blanchett) coming back.   She's the power hungry sister of Thor who wants to rule Asgard, and of course,  the universe.  That's when all Hela breaks out.  She easily defeats Thor and destroys the Mjolnir.  What's that you say?   You don't know what a Mjolnir is?   Geek alert.  It's Thor's mighty hammer.  Anyway, she sends Thor and Loki to the planet Sakaar.  Thor is forced to play in gladiator games for The Grandmaster.  (Jeff Goldblum?!)   The rest of the movie is about Thor's attempt to get off the planet and save Asgard.   On the planet he reunites with  the  big green guy aka The Hulk that you see in the trailer.

There are two actors having a lot of fun in this movie.  It's Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum.  Blanchett really hams it up as the all powerful villain.  Goldblum  is a cross between his Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park (1993) and Dom Deluise's Nero from History of the World,  Part One.  (1981)  Chris Hemsworth and Mr. Taylor Swift, um...  sorry about that, Tom Hiddleston  know that they're in a silly superhero movie and they deliver their lines and jokes with  hidden winks at the audience. 

The screenplay by Eric Pearce, Craig Kyle and Christopher  Yost  is subversive when it comes to the comic book superhero movie.  These guys aren't playing it dark and serious.  There are a lot of jokes many of which are self-conscious.   Director Taika Waititi goes along with this approach.  He knows how to stage a joke and uses bright  neon colors as the palette for the movie .  The Dark Knight this is not. Their collaborative effort has led to very humorous movie.

Thor: Ragnorok is an entertaining and funny film.  Just don't take it seriously.  The grade is B Plus.

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Unknown said...

megashare9.me - Every time I go into the movies I feel like playing the lottery. I hope for the best but really don't know what I'm getting and I often feel disappointed in the end. This time it was not the case. Marvel universe movies have been my favorites from the very beginning of the story and Thor:Ragnarok as the latest edition has surpassed my expectations. I was hoping for a another good entry in the Marvel universe but this was on another level entirely.

This movie is fun, funny, full of action, well acted, fits the story perfectly and what is most important it feels fresh and original. It is different from the other Thor and Marvel movies and stands firmly on its own while still being a bridge to the culmination of the Marvel universe. It's light tone is in my opinion a good set up for the final chapters of the Marvel universe which are no doubt going to be much darker and more dramatic. But make no mistake Thor Ragnarok is a serious movie with a thin layer of drama and darkness as well. It's not perfect but it's flaws are tiny and barely noticeable when compared to the big picture. Without a doubt in my top 3 Marvel movies for now.
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