Sunday, February 2, 2014

MSNBC should not have apologized

MSNBC apologized and fired the staffer who wrote a Tweet that indicated some right-wingers would not like interracial marriages. What the ... ? GOP head Reince Preibus demanded the apology. Okay, let's go over the facts. Which political philosophy and party is likely to have the racists? Who had the Southern strategy designed to appeal to prejudiced white people to elect Republicans? Conservative Republicans. Which party head in Orange County California sent a picture of Obama with a head on a chimp? A Conservative Republican. Which party has prominent members who question whether Obama is an American and constantly reminds us that he's not a white Anglo Saxon American? Conservative Republicans. See my post on GOP racism. Still want more? Conservative Ann Coulter recently said that Latinos would "wreck the country" and uses Phyllis Schafly concept that the Republican Party is better off being a white people's party. And let me say this. Not all conservative Republicans are racist. But which political philosophy and party is likely to be racist? Conservative Republicans.

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