Friday, May 3, 2013

The Power of Alice Eve's Underwear

I'm a Trekker or Trekkie. In case you didn't know, that means fan of the science fiction franchise known as Star Trek. There's a new movie coming out on May 17 called Star Trek Into Darkness. And when the trailers came out, I watched them all. But there's a scene in one of the trailers that is creating controversy. The scene is of actress Alice Eve who plays Dr. Carol Marcus in her bikini underwear. Video below. It's caused some Trekkies to get their panties in a bunch. Why? You see some of the radical feminists and PC crowd are saying if you're a heterosexual man and you enjoy the image that you're a sexist who objectifies women. And they do that without even asking the man how he feels about women. That's a big paint brush and not very Star Trek which after all celebrates tolerance and open minds.

Look, the history of Star Trek is full of sexuality. And I mean for both sexes. You start with the original series to the last TV series, Enterprise to the 2009 Star Trek movie. You go from the original series with women in sexy outfits like Andrea (Sherry Jackson) in "What are Little Girls Made Of?" to smearing decontamination gel on a nude T'Pol's (Jolene Blalock) body in Enterprise. Of course, women get their share of eye candy too. In the original series, Kirk always had his shirt ripped or it was removed. So much so that it was a joke in the Star Trek parody Galaxy Quest. (1999)

But why all the sexuality? Let's not be naïve. Some of it is to draw a young male audience. However, Star Trek has always been about the human condition. And sexuality for better or worse is part of being human. We're created by sex. It's pleasurable. It's an act that can define feelings of love and affection. It's a driving force in human behavior. Yes, there are negatives also. Nonconsenual sex and deviant forms are immoral. But consensual sex between two adults can be beautiful. And let's face it. Heterosexual men are attracted to images of beautiful women. Does that make them sexist? Not all of them. I mean you would have to examine each man to determine his feelings about women. Some me will come off as objectifiers while others will have respect for women. You can't take a brush and paint all men who love the image of Alice Eve in her underwear or bikini as sexist or objectifiers.

I find the image of Alice Eve to be beautiful. Sue me. But before you label me, ask me how I feel about women. If you read this blog you know I support women's rights. I support the Lilly Ledbetter act, a woman's right to equal pay for equal work. I support a women's right to choose. I want government out of a women's body. I was appalled by Virginia's attempt to force pregnant women seeking abortions to have trans-vaginal ultrasounds. I believe that we will soon have a woman president and support the idea that women can do the same jobs that are dominated by men. But do I see Alice Eve as an object? No. She's a human being with emotions and aspirations. So don't take that brush and label me.

There's power in Alice Eve's underwear. Its' the power of sex. It's the power of a woman.

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Mitchell said...

yet no one seems to complain about Magic Mike or any of Jake Gyllenhal's countless body shots in film.

it's the way of the world to become what you dislike, feminism is a perfect example.

Anna Kendrick tweeted seeing Ryan Gosseling steam up the movie screen made her "masterbate in the theater".

the comment made the rounds with her, mostly getting laughing approval from other women. how did one of the leading day feminist reply? by commenting "Get It Girl!" to Kendrick.

sums up the double standard right there.