Monday, February 25, 2013

The Basement Blog Awards for the Oscar Awards Show

It's that time of year again. It's time to hand out the Basement Blog Awards for the Oscar Awards telecast. This year was the 85th Annual Academy Awards. These are the best and worst moments of the show. :-) So without the fake banter, here are the awards.

1. Best Captain Kirk. The BB Award goes to William Shatner for the humorous opening skit. Yep, they brought William Shatner to play Captain Kirk one more time to give advice to host and big time Trekker Seth MacFarlane. This leads us to ...

2. Hey that guy can sing AND dance. Seth MacFarlane. Yeah, I knew that Seth could sing but he can dance. Okay, he's not Gene Kelly. Who's Gene Kelly you say? Oy. Young people. But he wasn't that bad. And the skit was a nod to the glamour of Hollywood's past and a little of MacFarlane's edgy humor. And Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) can sing and dance too.

3. Best musical decision. In the past, they would have the songs from the best song category performed. And frankly, that would kill the show. Let's face it. Not all songs are good for the show. This year they had the great music from film's past decorate the show. Yeah, I knew they were celebrating the music of film but it was inspiring. Dug the tribute to musicals and was glad that guest host John Travolta did not do that awful YouTube song with Olivia Newton John. And this leads us to...

4. They had the orchestra where?! I'm pretty sure the music was live . But the orchestra was not in the theater. It was at Capitol Records' studio. That's technology. And that brings us to...

5. Hooray for the technical awards. Won't remember who won but the effects that were delivered for Avatar and Rise of the Planet of the Apes were remarkable.

6. Classless move. Having the theme from Jaws interrupt a winner when he went long was well, classless.

7. There was a tie?! Hooray for Hollywood. In a subjective competition, sometimes the Oscar doesn't go to the best. Sometimes two films deserve the award. The Oscar for Sound Editing went to two great films. Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty.

8. Worst joke. MacFarlane made a joke about assassin John Wilks Booth getting into President Abraham Lincoln's head. But he gets the next award...

9. Best comeback for a bad joke. MacFarlane then says it's been one hundred forty eight years and questions, "too soon?"

10. Fix that tie! Quentin Tarantino. Come on QT. You're on worldwide television and you wear your tie like that? The tie was loose and hanging about half a foot from his neck. It looked like you started celebrating with the booze a little early.

11. Yeah, I know what George Clooney is going to do with that bottle of boooze. George Clooney. Seth MacFarlane threw a bottle of booze from the honor bar to Clooney. You know what George is going to do with that.

12. You got Barbara Streisand to sing "The Way We Were?" To Barbara and her tribute to composer Marvin Hamlisch.

13. You better stand and applaud. Dame Shirley Bassey. She sang the theme from Goldfinger. And at seventy six, she was as powerful as ever.

14. The Best Song. I don't care if Adele won for "Skyfall." It should go to "Everybody Needs a Best Friend" from Ted. First, host and Trekker Seth MacFarlane wrote the lyrics. Second, I'm a jazz fan and I love its beautiful jazz vibe. Check out the video below.

15. Best jokes. Daniel Day Lewis. He said he was slated to play Margaret Thatcher before Meryl Streep. Then he joked that he convinced Spielberg not to make Lincoln into a musical.

16. Sure to cause Rush Limbaugh's blood pressure to rise. Okay, they had First Lady Michelle Obama announce Best Picture. Yeah, all those right-wingers got to see the liberal-Hollywood connection.

17. Best ending to an Oscar show. Yes, it went over three hours long. But at the end, Kristen Chenoweth and Seth MacFarlane sang the classic, "Here's to the losers", a Frank Sinatra standard. The twist was that the lyrics were written for the losers of the night. Best joke. Chenoweth sings that Bradley Cooper will be doing Hangover IV.

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