Monday, March 22, 2010

She's Out of My League Movie Review

It looks like it's the spring of Jay Baruchel. Baruchel is the voice of Hiccup for the upcoming 3D animated tale How to Train Your Dragon and the lead in the romantic comedy She's Out of My League. Both are fantasies.

Fantasies? Yes, one movie is about vikings and dragons. The other is about a total dweeb named Kirk (Baruchel) who snags the gorgeous Molly played by the stunning Alice Eve. This would never happen in real life. It only happens in the typewriter of a Hollywood screenwriter. Still don't' believe me? That's Barachel right. And check out Alice Eve. Enough said.

She's Out of My League is the story of Pittsburgh native Kirk who works for the TSA. He has dreams of being a pilot. Ah, Pittsburgh. It's the city of the Penguins, the woeful Pirates, those Steeler bums and romance. Romance? Really? But worse for America, is that the TSA has employed a loser like Kirk (Baruchel) to protect us against terrorism. Yikes. Anyway, Molly (Eve), an event planner forgets her phone at Kirk's security check in and he returns it to her at an upscale party that she is working at. She invites him to a Penguin game. Love ensues. The rest of the movie is about Kirk and his three male buddies' attempts to court Molly even though they are working class and she's a yuppie. Get it? Not only is she physically out of Kirk's league but she is also in a different class.

The movie follows the romantic comedy formula that we've seen over and over again. But the major problem is it's not all that funny. You get the three male buddies like The Forty Year Old Virgin but unlike the buddies in that film who were hilarious, these guys are bland. Maybe it's because the movie is set in Pittsburgh. Kirk is not someone you really like because he's a bore. A couple of ribald gags can't save the movie since most of the other jokes are flat.

Yet, one cannot hate this film. It's innocuous. At times, it's funny. And let's face it, you do wish this "Beauty and the Beast" tale would come true. The grade is B minus.

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