Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bengals Should Pursue Brandon Marshall

Denver Broncos wide receiver, Brandon Marshall, is aptly named, "The Beast." That's because he's a unique blend of speed and power. After the catch, he runs over defensive backs. For the last three years he has caught 100 or more receptions. He does have baggage. He seems to have minor criminal problems. He was benched on the last game of the season, a game that the Broncos needed to make the playoffs. The Broncos lost that game and didn't make the playoffs. But there is no doubt about his talent. He made the Pro Bowl this year.

It is this talent that the Cincinnati Bengals need for their offense. Let's face it, Chad Ochocinco is the only receiver QB Carson Palmer can trust. Laveranues Coles was a bust as a free agent. Often he was not where he was supposed to be and dropped balls. Andre Caldwell needs more seasoning. Jerome Simpson was a terrible second round pick because he can't get on the field. That pick was especially bad since the Bengals could have had the stunning DeSean Jackson. Currently, there is no good choice for tight end. The difference between the Super Bowl champs Saints and the Bengals is the ability to throw the ball. The Saints can do it and currently the Bengals struggle. Adding another weapon like Marshall will free up Ochocinco since teams will no longer be able to double team him. It will also free up all of Palmer's other targets.

Marshall is a restricted free agent. Meaning after the Broncos tender him an offer at the highest level, any team that signs him must compensate the Broncos with a first and third round pick. That's costly. It's more painful because of the draft picks. But let's face it, the draft is not a guarantee of giving you the type of stud that Marshall is. Plus he's only twenty five. David Krieger of the Denver Post writes that it's likely the Broncos will come to terms with him but there is still a chance that he may be traded. After going 10-6, the time to win is now. Owner Mike Brown should make a bold move and get Brandon Marshall either through trade or sign him off the Broncos. What do you say Mike? Go for it!

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nedc203 said...

I agree with you on our glaring needs. However, I think trading for Marshall is the last thing we should do. I realize he is exactly what we need on the field. He can stretch the field and free up Chad, but he is an absolute head case, which is not what we need. The guy has obvious attitude problems. Remember 2008? Tj and Chad? I don't want another Tj in that locker room. In fact the last thing I want the Bengals to do in the offseason is go after Stallworth, T.O., or Marshall, not to mention do you really think MB would give up our 1st and 3rd plus pay big time money for Marshall?

A better guy to go after would be Malcolm Floyd from SD. He is 6'6'', runs close to a 4.4 and doesn't carry any baggage.

Just my two cents