Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bengals Replacements Step Up

Today, the Cincinnati Bengals swept those Pittsburgh bums. Yes, that's right. The Bengals win 18-12 over the Steelers. The team trusted the defense with less two minutes to go by running the ball up the gut on a third and long. They knew they weren't going to get the first down by that play but went for a field goal to go ahead by six points. Coach Lewis trusted the defense. And they came through stopping Benji Roethlisberger from pulling out another last minute victory. All day, the defense played fantastic. They had four sacks and the pressure was great. The Bengals coverage was also excellent.

But what about those replacements? Running back Bernard Scott replaced a hurt Cedric Benson and did a good job. He also returned a kickoff for a touchdown. (Pictured. AP) Linebacker Brandon Johnson was playing for a hurt Keith Rivers. HE WAS EVERYWHERE. Rookie Cornerback Morgan Trent was not playing like a rookie, he was playing like a veteran. This is a team with depth.

Now with this victory, the Bengals are 5-0 in the division. They have swept the Ravens and the Steelers! The Bengals now stand first atop the AFC North at 7-2. See you later, you Pittsburgh bums. Who Dey. Who Dey. Who Dey Think Gonna Beat Those Bengals! Nooooobody. Here are the highlights.

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