Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conservatives Root Against America

Rachel Maddow reports that conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others have cheered the loss of Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics. The loss came after President Obama personally lobbied the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the games. When Obama went to lobby the IOC, he was criticized for doing so even though the heads of state of the other finalist countries also did so. In Maddow's report, we see that former President George Bush endorse a Chicago Olympics. What this says about conservatives is that they are so obsessed with their hatred of Obama that it takes precedent over their patriotism. If you recall, Limbaugh wants Obama to fail, thus rooting for America's failure. If Obama deploys troops in harm's way, would he root for their failure also? It's simply appalling what the conservatives are doing. Here's Rachel's report.

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