Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stop the Wolfenstein XBOX 360 freeze and crash

Again, here's how to stop and avoid the Wolfenstein XBOX 360 freeze and crash. Activision suggested the best way, though there are is another way to get around the freeze and crash. I have tried both solutions and have successfully completed the game without problems. Freeze and crash fixed and resolved.

Here's some information about what caused my game to freeze and crash. I had reached the large chamber in the "Zeppelin" mission, the one with the portal and superweapon. Once I had powered down the weapon, I was ready to jump through the portal to start the last mission, "Black Sun." I had 100% in collectibles i.e., all the gold, all the intel and all the tomes. I had replayed a mission and was not deleting prior saved games. I jump through the portal. I listen to BJ's report and then the game starts to load "Black Sun." The game starts to load with the blue bar moving through the title Wolfenstein. The game freezes before the bar reaches the "t" in Wolfenstein. It crashes and I can't get to XBOX's dashboard. Mutti!

Here are the two ways to avoid a freeze and crash.

1.) Play the game collecting less than 80% in collectibles. I played the game with 77% in gold, 74% in tomes, and 68% in intel at the time of jumping through the portal That worked. I had also gotten enough gold to substantially upgrade my weapons.

2.) Activision Support via email suggested this method. Delete saved games and start from a point prior to the freeze and crash. That worked. I then decided to start the game from scratch and play the game again with the idea of deleting games as I went through it. By the time I reached the chamber in the "Zeppelin" mission, I had one saved game in the file. I was able to jump through the portal and again finish the "Black Sun" level. So this method calls for deleting prior saved games from the pause and load game menus as you progress through the game. This is the preferred way to fix, resolve, and stop the freeze and crash. Why? You can now have 100% in all collectible items at the end of "Zeppelin." The last intel is found in the control room of the portal chamber.

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