Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trash Talking Scalpers And Bengals Bungle

I tried to go to the Cincinnati Bengals game today. Got down there about sometime in the middle of the second quarter. All I needed was one ticket. So this scalper in a Minnesota Vikings jersey tried to sell me four tickets for one hundred and sixty dollars. When I tried to negotiate for one ticket for twenty five dollars, the trash talking guy angrily told me "Why are you wasting my time?" Well, dude, with today's Bengals loss, you're going to be eating a lot more tickets in the future.

And by the way, if you're wondering why I didn't go to the Bengals box office. Well, back in 2003, I would buy tickets from the box office because I was patriotic. Yeah, I wanted the Bengals to have my money rather than a scalper. Now, since owner Mike Brown refuses to change to improve his product, I'm going to avoid giving him my money. IF he doesn't hire a general manager or more scouts, I will refuse to help him. I will also refuse to pay full price for a ticket.

But what about the game? Classic Bengals loss. The team twice got into the red zone, i.e. within the twenty yard line of the endzone. The only got two field goals. The Bengals went one for ten on third down conversions. Then in the fourth quarter, rookie quarterback Andy Dalton threw two interceptions. Sigh. Ballgame. Bengals lose to the San Francisco 49ers again, 13-8.

Wait till next week. Here comes the undefeated Buffalo Bills. Remember what happened last year when the Bills came back from a 31-14 deficit? They are coming off a great victory against the New England Patriots. Oy vey. At least the Cincinnati Reds finally beat the Pittsburgh Pirates, 5-4.

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