Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tea Party Zombies Must Die Video Game Review

Tea Party Zombies Must Die (TPZMD) is an online video game which allows a player to kill various zombies some who look like famous right-wingers. This is done first person shooter style. And for today's technology, the graphics and gameplay hearkens back to the early nineties to the classic first person shooter, "Doom."

The game takes place in two areas. One is a trailer park where you face off against various red neck conservatives. After completing so many levels, you face the bosses of the level, zombies Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Another is outside and inside of Fox News Headquarters where you fight zombies representing angry white males, and famous right-wingers Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Fox News blondes, Brit Hume, Bill O' Reilly, and Sean Hannity. Some like Santorum are harder to kill than the regular zombie. One of the bosses to Fox News level is Glenn Beck.

You're given a melee weapon like a machete. Running around an arena, you can pick up a firearm. These range from a pistol to a shotgun to an uzi to an assault rifle. The control mechanism is your zxc keys to switch weapons, reload, and fire. The up, down, left and right buttons control movement.

As a video game, it's primitive. It may act like "Doom" but it's not a fraction of the fun. Primarily this is because of the controls. A lot of PC first person shooter fans like using the mouse for movement. TPZMD uses the arrow keys, making movement clumsy and lead to your character getting killed. Okay, dying is humorous as the game tells you that you "got teabagged. P.S. You didn't have health insurance so you died." But hitting anything with the pistol is next to impossible unless you fire at point blank range. That makes the shotgun the weapon of choice. These problems suck out the fun.

Is the game funny? Look I get the idea of the game. It's supposed to be funny and at the same time, it will educate you about the right-wing with information cards between levels. Some of it is accurate. One card points out that Fox News gave up its news function by actively assisting the Tea Party. But the jokes are few and far between. The problem here is that the famous right-wingers don't' say anything. If you get to Glenn Beck, that becomes apparent. When you knock down Beck, he cries. That's funny because Beck has been know to cry on his show. But the other famous right-wing yahoos merely groan like zombies.

A call to violence? You'll hear conservatives complain about this game's violence. After all you hack and shoot to death zombies that look like real life conservatives. First, if you watched Monday night's Tea Party-CNN Republican debate, I would say the conservatives shouldn't be complaining. At that debate, Tea Party audience members were applauding the death of an uninsured. In the movie, An American Carol, (2008) a judge (Dennis Hopper) shoots ACLU zombie lawyers with a shotgun. (Pictured below.) And in Team America: World Police (2004) various famous liberals get killed in grisly ways. Where were the protests from the right?

I don't think this game will cause people to go out and try to kill conservatives. Grand Theft Auto didn't cause people to kill police. But I agree that the game is violent and there's no point to killing right-wing zombies. It's not fun or humorous.

If you want to laugh at conservatives, go watch The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. If you want to play a fun first person shooter, stick to Halo. The grade for Tea Party Zombies Must Die is D.

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