Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Missing Followers

Sometime in March, the followers of this blog have disappeared. That's the section down on this blog where you can see the various people who want to follow. I have not changed anything with the blog. Unfortunately, Blogger's only help is to direct the user to a forum where so far no solution has been offered. The interesting thing is that sometimes followers will occasionally appear for a very short period of time then they disappear. Now the followers are present on the Dashboard for users. Also, I've checked my blog on other computers and the followers are not present. It's frustrating.

If you're a follower or want to be a follower, I thank you. I ask all of you for patience. This problem is probably in the hands of Google and Blogger's engineers.

Update: 7-5-11. Today I lost YouTube. In my effort to get it back, I looked at YouTube by using Google Chrome, web browser. I could see YouTube again. I then checked this Blog and saw the followers back on the page. So, for right now it seems that Google Chrome will allow the followers and people who want to follow this Blog. I'm sorry for inconvenience.


Eye-Luv Makeup said...

I am having the same problem

Anonymous said...

same with my blog http://makisale.blogspot.com i googled for a solution, nothing much. :-(