Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The lesson from last night Seahawks-Packers game

Okay, you've probably seen and heard about the last play of last night's NFL game between Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. Trailing 12-7, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson heaved a Hail Mary on the last play. It looked like Packers safety M.D. Jennings intercepted the ball. But Seahawks receiver Golden Tate fought for the ball and seemed to have partial possession when he was on the ground. Hold on. He was on the ground?! Anyway the replacement referees ruled touchdown. Seahawks win. That came after instant replay. Here's the Yahoo story with video.

I could rant about the replacement referees. But there is a lesson here that has nothing to do with the replacement referees. On Hail Mary passes, defenders should punch the ball. That way you don't get the result you had last night or give the receiver a chance to catch the ball. Yeah, punching the ball could lead to a crazy reception by the offense but think about the chances. All the receivers are in the area where the Hail Mary is going. And I would bet the chances of any catching the ball after it is punched the other way is much less than defenders and receivers fighting for the ball. Want to see it actually work? Check out the last play of the Bengals-Redskins game. Here are the highlights of that game, it's the last play of the video. In the video, Bengals punch the ball and it falls harmlessly away from danger. Bengals win.

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