Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bengals humiliated

I used to say there's a reason why the Cincinnati Bengals don't get national television games. They tend to stink. Now, I could be wrong. Maybe the Bengals are good with nationally televised football games but it seems they are usually not ready for prime time. Anyway, the Bengals lost to the Baltimore Ravens, 44-13. I left when the score was 41-13 in the fourth quarter. Here's a quick summary of the game.

The Good. Nothing. I was going to say the Bengals offensive line played well. But forget about that. Towards the end of the game, the Ravens got good pressure on Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.

The Bad. The Bengals defense. Ravens quarterback Joe Flaccid, er, Joe Flacco ran Baltimore's offense up and down the field. The defense was overmatched. Absolutely miserable.

The Ugly. The officiating. I saw a Bengal DB get called for interference for blocking a pass without touching the receiver. Then a Ravens defender ran over the top of a Bengals receiver. No call. Brutal. The NFL has to do something with the striking referees. That means settle. The replacement referees are terrible. The product is suffering.

Listen up Bengals Nation. The NFL season is a sprint. But the first game does not make a season. Neither does the second game. But next week, the Bengals face the Cleveland Browns. I believe things will be different.

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