Saturday, September 15, 2012

Delusional conservatives

The Huffington Post published this AP story from the Values Voters Summit. The story quotes one of the conservative attendees on Republican presidential candidate, MItt Romney.

"He ought to be killing Obama, and he's clearly not doing that," said 32-year-old R.J. Robinson, one of the thousands of activists attending the annual Values Voters Summit this weekend. "He should be doing better."

Huh? First the country is not that conservative. And President Obama is not that hated among moderates and liberals. Second, Romney doesn't score well with African Americans. One poll showed that he gets zero per cent of that vote. Third, the country is doing better than it was four years ago. Look the country was heading to the Great Depression, Part 2. And because of Obama's policies, Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive. Yeah, I like Vice President Joe Biden's slogan. So, if you view life through conservative eye glasses, you're going to miss the truth.

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