Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bengals win NFL catfight, 2012

The Cincinnati Bengals beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, 27-10 improving their record to 3-1. With the victory, the Bengals are tied for first place with the Baltimore Ravens in AFC North Division. And before you Steeler fans put down the Bengals for their victories over losing teams, let me just say you have to beat the weak teams. That's called taking care of business.

The Bengals victory wasn't as close as the score would indicate. The Jaguars only led once. After the Bengals took the lead, the Jaguars would never get close. Highlights include a fake punt which Bengals running back Cedric Peerman took for a 48 yard run. Wow. Bengals are getting creative in their plays. And Bengals receiver Andrew Hawkins again had a big play. He caught a pass on third and seven and moved the ball 31 yards. The defense played well enough to never allow the Jaguars to get near. Next victim is the Miami Dolphins.

Here's the story with video highlights.

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