Monday, July 9, 2012

Mass Effect 3- Priority: Perseus Veil; Disable the Dreadnought, tips for Insanity

We continue with our series of tips for Mass Effect 3 on the Insanity difficulty level. As with other articles, in this series, I cover only the hardest parts of the mission. First if you haven't checked my general tips, please do so. Today, we cover Priority: Perseus Veil; Diable the Dreadnought.

1. Your class and weapons. My class is Engineer. The class has combat drone, sentry turret and sabotage. Since your enemy is Geth, your powers are more relevant. My weapons are the M-99 Saber and the M-97 Viper.

2. The squad and weapons. Tali is mandatory. I equip her with the Graal Spike Thrower and the Scorpion pistol Garrus is my second member. He gets the Black Widow sniper rifle and the M-37 Falcon assault rifle which is basically a grenade thrower.

3. The hardest parts of the mission.

a. Dreadnought Operation Center. Okay when you enter the room, you get jumped by Geth troopers and Hunters. Hunters are problematic since they have cloaks. You need to look for distortions in the air. Firing at the distortion will expose them. They carry shotguns and will kill you with a couple of shots. The first thing I do is to deploy sentry turret to cover a flank. Once you regain the ability to use more powers, I might sabotage a trooper and get it to fight for me. I also use Tali's powers to launch a combat drone. All this interference will hopefully give you time to damage the Hunters or kill them. If they get too close, I run along the perimeters.

Once this first wave is down, you go to the operation console. Before I access the console, I deploy a sentry turret. Okay, access the console. You get attacked. Use Tali to either sabotage a trooper or launch a combat drone. The million dollar tip. Now at the beginnig of this attack, the Geth come out of a room on the far side to your left. Run to that room. If you stay by the console, the Hunters will flank and kill you. But once you get to that room, you create a kill zone because the Geth will have to come into that room. You cannot be flanked.

In the room, there's some cover. So use it. The Geth come to you and cannot flank you since they cannot move throught the walls. There's only one place they can enter the room and that is through the door. Keep using your powers, especially combat drones and sentry turrets. Eventually, you defeat the Geth sent to kill you.

b. Main gun battery. Keep your distance from the Geth as you advance. The electric charge takes down your shields and the Geth will finish you off. Use your and Tali's powers. If you have to retreat to the beginning of the battery, then do so. Don't confront a Hunter up close and personal. If you have to run, then run. Eventually, you defeat the Geth and can advance.

c. The Central Core. Okay, you're almost done. You ride the elevator to the upper deck. Access the console and come under attack. First, take cover along the pillars to your left.

Take out your sniper rifle. Reach out and kill the Geth from a distance. Remember to use your powers. Combat drones. Sentry turret. Sabotage. Life is good. Eventually you make your way around this semi=circle. You see a Prime in the distance. You can sabotage him, but realize you have to deal with it sooner or later. It becomes immune to your sabotage after a couple hacks. Again the safe way is to use combat drones and your sniper rifle. He goes down. Mission over.

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