Sunday, July 15, 2012

Get Well Patrick

I started hanging out at Hap's Irish Pub, Cincinnati, Ohio around 1994. It was your classic Irish pub. But one thing I noticed that caught my eye or should I say ear. The jukebox had an eclectic mixture of CDs. There was rock, country, RB and jazz. I was surprised to see jazz. And one of the jazz CDs was Shirley Horn with strings, Here's to Life. (1992) I consider it wone of the most beautiful CDs ever made.

I asked who put that album on the jukebox. It was jazz lover, and regular customer of Hap's, Patrick Loney. Yesterday I found out that Patrick is ill. I wish him all the best and hopes he gets well soon. Here's a cut from that beautiful Shirley Horn album, "How Am I to Know."

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