Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time to Think About the Cincinnati Bengals 2011 Draft

The Cincinnati Bengals season has been over for some time. At 2-9, the Bengals will draft third behind the Carolina Panthers and the Detroit Lions. So who do the Bengals draft with their first pick?

Well, first you must determine what are the team's needs. When it comes to the Bengals, it's everywhere. There is not one place that the Bengals are set. That's because of weaknesses, and free agents that the Bengals will lose. For example, Chad Ochocinco has an 6 million dollar option and Terrell Owens only has a one year contract for this year. If you don't sign either, you've got a need there. Cornerback Jonathan Joseph becomes a free agent in 2011. And the Bengals have a poor pass rush.

My preference is to improve the pass rush. The Bengals haven't had a stud at defensive tackle in years. Drafting the best player available at defensive line would help, even it is a defensive end. There is a possibility that the Bengals will have a shot at the best quarterback in the draft, Stanford's Andrew Luck. (Pictured.) That's assuming that Panthers will stay with Jimmy Clausen. If they do, don't expect the Lions to pick a quarterback when they have Matthew Stafford. I like Carson Palmer a lot, but let's face it, he's not having a good season even though he's been given plenty of weapons. I can agree it's not all his fault but the Bengals can't pass up a franchise quarterback.

So what does Walter Football think? Here's their mock draft for 2011. And by the way, I was right when the Bengals picked TE Jermaine Gresham.

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