Monday, December 20, 2010

Bengals Run Over Browns

Oh my God. The Cincinnati Bengals won a game. They beat the Cleveland Browns in round two of the Battle of Ohio. The score was 19-17. Unfortunately, I missed the game because I was having dim sum with the family. It was also blacked out in Cinicnnati.

So what happened? From what I can tell the Bengals gave the ball to Cedric Benson and he ran over them. Game over. Oh, and by the way, everybody please stop with the "If the Bengals ran the ball more often, they would have won more games." No. There were games where the team was behind. There were big, explosive plays given up by the defense in some of those games. The Bengals just stunk in too many facets of the game. Anyway it's good to have a win. Here are the video highlights.

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