Sunday, October 10, 2010

Looking at the Cincinnati Reds 2011

Well, the season is over. The Cincinnati Reds lost the NLDS to the Philadelphia Phillies. So, it's time to take a quick look at the 2011 season. I would not bring back Orland Cabrera. He's beginning to show his age. A trade could bring a high quality shortstop prospect. Plus, Paul Janish gives you a better defensive option with little drop off in offense. People have been complaining of Scott Rolen's playoff performance. I have a feeling that he played hurt because that was not the Scott Rolen that I saw during the season. However it might be time to consider resting him half the season and grooming his replacement, likely Juan Francisco. Right side of the infield is just great. Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto are All Stars. Ramon Hernandez and Ryan Hanigan are solid catchers and will hold the position until the Reds develop a starter. The outfield looks set. Yes, Drew Stubbs strikes way too much. But he'll get it. He does bring speed and power to the team. Plus he's just great in centerfield. Jay Bruce is a superstar in the making.

What about the pitching? The relievers look good. Logan Ondrusek, Jordan Smith, and Bill Bray are excellent middle inning guys. The back end looks good also. There's Arthur Rhodes who probably has a couple years left in the tank, Nick Masset who is a closer in the making, and Francisco Cordero. Check out the starters! We've got too many quality arms for five spots and that's a good thing. There might be a trade coming. I mean we've got Homer Bailey, Mike Leake, Bronson Arroyo, Travis Wood, Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto. Oh, and I forgot about the Cuban Missle, Aroldis Chapman. That's seven great arms!

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