Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tea Party Spokesman Calls NAACP Racist

Here's another reason why I don't support the Tea Party. We've already seen an Iowa Tea Party group compare Obama to Hitler and Lenin. Recently, the NAACP passed a resolution to ask the Tea Party to repudiate racist signs and language. Instead of agreeing with that simple, just and good sentiment, Tea Party Express spokesman called the NAACP, a racist movement. Okay, that's like comparing Obama to Hitler. As I said before, Hitler killed millions of Jews and believed in Aryan superiority. And if you don't believe there's racists in the Tea Party movement, check out this NAACP post with photos.

And stop with the "The Tea Party is a libertarian movement." No. They're just another brand of conservative Republican. I've heard no one in the national movement support a woman's right to chose, the First Amendment etc.

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