Friday, July 16, 2010

Tea Party Leader Implies NAACP Are Lazy

In a fake letter from NAACP Ben Jealous to Abraham Lincoln, Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams implies the NAACP wants bailouts and big government because they are lazy. This is the face of the Tea Party, the big movement in the Republican Party. I know Williams is claiming it's satire. But the letter is in the tone that he believes are the positions of the NAACP. Implying blacks are lazy, i.e. they want government to look after them is completely racist. Here's Williams post. At the bottom is Keith Olbermann's commentary.

Update: The Tea Party Federation has disavowed Tea Party Express and Mark Williams from the Federation for the letter. Williams has since removed the "parody" letter. In the Huffington Post link, NAACP Ben Jealous disavows the New Black Panther Party. By the way, the NBPP has about twelve members according to Jealous.

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