Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reds Sign Talented Cuban Pitching Prospect

The Cincinnati Reds signed much sought after Cuban pitching prospect Aroldis Chapman. WHAT? You heard that right. This was a guy that the Red Sox, Blue Jays and Angels were trying to get. What makes him so prized? Well, he can get it up there at 100 mph. He's a lefty also. Here's the official Reds story.

What makes this so stunning? Well, the Reds were so poor they could not even resign Jonny Gomes. According to the report the Reds will be paying this kid 25 million for five years. Now that may sound like a lot but if he's the stud that we saw in the World Baseball Classic, well that's cheap compared to the money given to C.C. Sabathia by the Yankees. (Seven years at 161 million dollars)

Now according to MLB network (story above), maturity is a question. But at this moment, no one knows. Certainly, the Yankees not in the mix gives you some reservation. After all, they can outbid everybody. It is incumbent on the Reds to find somebody to guide him. How about Mario Soto? But what if he is ready now? Look at the rotation. Arroyo, Harang, Cueto, Bailey and Chapman. Wow.

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