Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Bengals Heartbreak

The Cincinnati Bengals lost today 24-14 in their Wild Card Playoff game. Season over. The heartbreaking thing is that the Bengals could have won this game. You cannot turn the ball over twice and expect to win in the playoffs. You cannot shoot yourself in the foot with penalties. You can't give up big plays. You've got to make chip shot field goals. Shayne Graham missed two. Yikes. This is the lot in life for a Bengals fan.

It's time to look to the draft and free agency to improve this team. First let's address what needs to be done on the coaching and management side. Resign Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer. He's built a fine defense, something we haven't seen in years. Okay, we know owner Mike Brown won't get a GM so how about hiring more scouts? Listen to Head Coach Marvin Lewis' suggestions.

As for the draft and free agency, we need help everywhere except quarterback, running back, defensive end, and corner back. Do not bring back Shayne Graham. I'm trying to recall when the last time he made a clutch kick. Oh, the game at Cleveland. But he's had too many disasters. And two in a playoff game is inexcusable. Not worth a franchise tag. So the big needs are tight end, kicker, wide receiver, offensive line, and defensive tackle.

It was a heck of a year, my Bengals fans. Wait till next year.

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