Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chuck Norris and the Secret Vault

The above post title sounds like a bad action picture but action star Chuck Norris believes that President Obama by giving Interpol certain exemptions has created a "secret vault" to hide records on the war in terror. This secret vault is allegedly at Interpol's New York office.

In this report from Newsweek's Michael Isikoff, Norris cites for his authority, yes, you guessed it, Glenn Beck. Now I've never known Interpol to be in cahoots with terrorists. And it is travesty to accuse President Obama of basically treason without any real evidence. In fact, one of the tasks of the Interpol office is to keep watch lists of Al Qaeda and Taliban suspects.

Norris is a supporter of former Republican Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee. Now it's one thing to hear this from a washed up actor, it's another thing when that nut has the ear of a major presidential candidate. What conservatives need is the ability to make arguments with real evidence. If they don't, they sound crazy.

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