Friday, December 4, 2009

Star Trek's New Timeline

I was listening to the commentary on the new Star Trek movie (2009)and there was a discussion of the new timeline created by Nero's foray into the past. The discussion was how the theory of quantum mechanics allows the new timeline. Okay, that explains a lot. I've always questioned that if Vulcan were destroyed, how can old Spock exist since he needed Vulcan to come back from the dead in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock? The answer is that the old timeline doesn't disappear. So your forty years of Star Trek still exist in its own universe. So, there is still Captain Picard, Captain Sisko and Captain Janeway in the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager universe but it's Nero who has left.

That makes the movie's timeline, which I will call Abrams timeline after director J.J. Abrams, interesting and worrisome since now the writers can destroy canon with their word processors. Like I said, what stops them from tuning Jean Luc Picard into a vintner? We can only trust writer and major fan, Roberto Orci to safeguard the canon. It is intriguing to think of a remake of an episode with better effects, say "The Doomsday Machine." Action. Message. What do you say Bob?

I wished that writers would have done a better job on the movie in explaining the altered timeline. It took multiple views of the movie to get a grasp of it. Maybe, that was the idea! I found this excellent interview with Roberto Orci from Unfortunately, I'm not sure this article was well known before the movie came out. Anyway it explains the theory of Trek's new timeline. It's more like the Next Generation episode called "Parallels." (Pictured above. Pretty cool seeing hundreds of Enterprises appear.) The timeline is a parallel universe. Here's the Orci interview.

I wish someone would change my timeline. Make me rich. Have me married to Jennifer Aniston.

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