Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bengals show heart

It was a bad week for the Bengals. It started with WR Chris Henry's death three days ago. The Bengals then lost today 27-24 to the San Diego Chargers. Look, it's tough to play football when a teammate dies. But this team was down by eleven points before the Bengals were able to storm back and tie it. The Chargers were able to win it in the last minute with a field goal. But who knows? If QB Carson Palmer didn't throw that pick in the third quarter, if Caldwell didn't fumble the ball maybe the Bengals win. Again, there were too many penalties. But the Bengals showed heart in spite of struggling with Henry's tragedy.

A salute to QB Carson Palmer. He threw for over three hundred yards. He threw a block for Ochocinco. He recovered a fumble to save the Bengals' chances and scored on a quarterback sneak. That's leadership.

Yes, my follow Bengals fans, you're worried about the ghosts of 2006. It's not 2006. One more game to win. The Bengals will win this division.

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