Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bengals self destruct

The Cincinnati Bengals lost today 30-10 to the Minnesota Vikings. The loss was made possible by the Bengals' penalties. You cannot beat a good team like the Vikings by committing several penalties. The Bengals struggled throwing the ball. The kicking game was bad with a kickoff that went out of bounds. There was a dropped interception.

Can the Bengals win it all? Teams in the playoffs are going to dare the Bengals throw the ball. That should be fine with franchise quarterback like Carson Palmer. But the Bengals will have to execute in the passing game. Just relax, my Bengals fans. Just remember the example of baseball's St. Louis Cardinals. In 2006, they crawled to the playoffs and won the World Series. So, you faithful in orange and black, we can still win the Super Bowl.

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