Sunday, August 6, 2017

Trump shows Russia favoritism by blaming Congress for the bad relationship

Conservative President Donald Trump reluctantly signed the sanctions bill against Russia, Iran and North Korea.  He then blamed Congress for the bad relations with Russia.  Conservatives, I'm not kidding.   Here's what he said:

The vote was for the Russian sanctions was near unanimous bi-partisan support. New York Daily News. These sanctions were for the cyber-attacks against the Democrats but in essence it was an attack on our democracy. The bill passed the House by 419-3, and the Senate by 98-2. CNN By the way, Trump signed the bill because he could not veto it as the support was so complete that any veto would have been overridden. The New York Daily News noted that Trump trashed the bill. He then set out the above tweet.

Conservative Trump has hardly criticized Vladimir Putin. He rushes to defend him. And I agree with Congressmen that the  reason there are sanctions against Russia is not because of Congress but is the fault of Putin. He's the one that's seized the Crimea, interfered militarily in Ukraine's civil war and our 2016 elections. Why doesn't Trump see that? What does Putin have on Trump?

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