Thursday, October 3, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V:" Eye In the Sky" Gold Medal tips

There's one quirky requirement for the Gold Medal in Grand Theft Auto V's mission "Eye in the Sky" mission. It's "I See You. " I tried to get this multiple times until I found out what I was doing wrong. So let me give you the tip on this tricky requirement.

The first two requirements are pretty easy. One is called "Not a scratch." Just drive the Z Type car carefully back to the marker at the Los Santos International Airport. The second is "Eavesdropper." Again easy. Just listen to every target. But it's the "I See You" that is tricky. This requires you to find Chad's hiding place on the first attempt.

Here's how to get it. After your chopper follows the car back to a parking garage, Trevor tells the pilot to bring the chopper lower. It goes to the side of the garage. There's some conversation between Trevor and the pilot where Trevor complains about not being about to spot Chad. The pilot tells you to use the thermal vision.

First, before you turn on the thermal vision, look to the right. You can barely see Franklin. Turn on the thermal vision. Franklin asks if you can see him. Zoom in on him. This starts the attempt when Trevor acknowledges he sees Franklin. Now this is important. ZOOM OUT BUT STAY IN THERMAL VISION. Move the camera all the way to the left where there's a guy sitting down. That's Chad. Zoom on him and hold. A cutscene then interrupts indicating you've completed this requirement correctly in one attempt. One last warning. Do not zoom on anybody else except for Chad. The video from GTA Video Series shows how to get the Gold Medal. The "I See You" requirement starts at 11 minutes and forty seconds.