Friday, July 26, 2013

Support at the polls: Weiner goes limp

Reported by Tung N. Cheek. New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's support has gone limp. In a new Marist poll, there's indication that Weiner's exposure on the Internet has had a damaging effect. Once leading, he's now trailing.

Look, I've seen the Weiner picture. It was posted at The Dirty. Let me say to the people of New York, Anthony Weiner is a big talent. You might want to reconsider your disgust of him. Plus he's got a macho Internet name, Carlos Danger. Hold on. Women are attracted to a goofy Internet name?

Anyway, this blog features two video pieces by Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show on Weiner. Here's Colbert's story. Here's The Daily Show's piece.

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