Friday, November 16, 2012

Despicable Mitt

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney really is a conservative and a "severely" conservative one as Mitt likes to call himself. So if you right-wingers so the election was lost because Romney wasn't conservative enough, you're wrong. And Mitt just proved it.

In comments before top donors, Romney said President Barack Obama won by bestowing "gifts" to various groups of people. If this sounds like his 47 percent remarks, it is. To get African American and Hispanic voters, Obama gave them health care. Even more gifts were granted to Hispanics in Obama's support for the Dream Act. Young people were given the benefit of staying under their parents health care and forgiveness of interest of student loans. Women were granted the gift of contraceptives or more specifically coverage by Obamacare. Not only does this sound like 47 percent remark, it's almost exactly like Fox News' Bill O'Reilly's comment that Obama voters got "things." O'Reilly bemoaned the end of the white establishment. It's kind of racist.

Well, I've had drinks with angry white conservatives. And Romney and O'Reilly's comments are no different from their hatred. It's one thing to support a laissez-faire government over a more activist one but it's quite another to argue that more than half of the electorate were bought. It's simply an insult to more than half of the people to say that they voted because they were bribed. How about the idea, that a majority of people supported President Obama's ideas over yours? Regardless, shame on you Mitt Romney for arguing that people of color are a bunch of parasites.

I admit that I'm a racial minority. Yes, Bill O'Reilly, I'm not part of the white establishment. I voted for Obama because I agreed with many of his ideas. If government's job is to make the lives of the people better than call me a taker. But I believe the right-wing in its Ayn Rand philosophy miss out on the true nature of Obama. It's about justice. Social and economic justice. Freedom. And freedom that means more than just guns and taxes. It's about freedom for a woman to control her body and get government out of it. It's about the right to vote, free from Republican attempts to suppress it.

Meanwhile, I wait for my gift from Santa Barack. I wanted an iPhone. Still waiting. Hey, Mitt and Bill, do you think I'll get it?

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