Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mass Effect 3 "From Ashes" Tip

Here's a tip for the last part of the DLC mission "From Ashes" for Mass Effect 3. This tip is for the normal difficulty setting. Okay, after you activate the Prothean's pod, you come under attack from Cerberus troops. At first there will be two waves. Stay in cover and wipe them out.

Once they're all dead, you get a message from your squad mate telling you that you should get ready. Move to the building in front of you and replenish your ammo. Remember how you got here? Yeah, you moved over the roof of this building. So head to the building 's ladder and climb back up. Bring the squad with you.

Now when the third wave of Cerberus troops arrive with the Atlas. you're at an elevated position. There's also cover up on the roof. The Atlas can't climb ladders. So rain down fire on it. You eventually put them all down with little effort.

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