Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Great Colbert Report

Last night was a great Colbert Report. Now you can see why a lot of people get their news from The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert. Yeah, Colbert is playing a fake conservative, just like Jon Stewart of the Daily Show isn't really a newsman. But they report on real news, they just add jokes.

Anyway, Colbert goes over Michele Bachmann's rage over the "liberal mainstream" media's snub over her campaign. Then he goes over a very important story regarding a proposed pipeline from Canadian tar sands to Texas. Called Keystone XL, this pipeline's increase to carbon gasses will mean "game over" for the climate. Of course, if you watch Fox News, they will tell you that it will create 20K, 50K, 120K to million jobs. Environmentalist Bill McKibben tells Colbert why the pipeline is bad. Then enjoy a very funny piece about vodka tampons. You heard that. And last there's an excellent interview with Thomas Thwaites, a guy who built his own toaster from scratch. Think about it. Within this one innocuous appliance, you can see modern civilized humanity. Funny and profound.

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