Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Brilliance of Stephen Colbert

There's an insidious thing going on with Super PACs. They're forbidden to coordinate their activities with candidates. But under the guise of "issue advocacy" these groups are inserting candidates into their ads. Thus doing an end around campaign contribution laws.

Now Karl Rove wants to break down the barrier. He wants permission to use candidates in these Super PAC ads and basically coordinate with them. He has petitioned the FEC for the approval. So get this. Satirist Stephen Colbert has sent his own letter "supporting" Rove. He's attached a video ad to his letter. The video makes the argument against Rove. It's brilliant satire by Stephen Colbert. Check it out. Warning: Jokes about um, "birds and bees." Hey it's basic cable. And there's a lawyer joke.

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Samanonymous said...

Love Stephen Colberet!