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Mass Effect 2: Suicide Mission Tips For Insanity Difficulty

Okay, your ship, the Normandy has just been attacked by the Collectors and the crew has been kidnapped. Remember, you must go through the Omega 4 Relay to save the crew. If you do another mission, you will lose the crew. You want to be a nice guy, don't you? By the way after the ship has been attacked, you can save your game on the bridge but the next mission must be the Suicide Mission.

Today, I'm going to give you some tips on how to complete the Suicide Mission or Endgame Mission on Insanity difficulty. And believe it or not, this final mission against the Collectors isn't as hard as others on Insanity. I mean it's easier than say, Horizon on Insanity. First, of course go over my general tips. If you need a walkthrough, check this one out from Mass Effect Wiki. Okay, let's get to it, shall we.

1. Save your team of Samurai also. I'm not going over how to save your team, but here's how I did it with this post. Note that there are multiple variations as to how to save your team along with the crew. So choose wisely who gets what assignment.

2. Your team and equipment

a. Know your enemy. They are Collector soldiers, husks, abominations, Scions, and of course Harbinger. Their defenses will range from barriers to armor to health.

Remember to focus on charging enemies first. Husks, abominations, Harbinger and Scion will be the enemies that move on your position.

b. The best squad. Choose Miranda who's good against barriers with Warp
and Zaeed whose Concussive Shot works against barriers. Miranda can also Warp armor and Zaeed's Inferno Grenade is effective against it also. Plus the grenade has a splash effect which damages nearby bad guys.

c. Weapons and Powers. I play as a soldier so the Revenant machine gun is my choice. It' packs a bigger punch than the other assault rifles and that includes the Geth Pulse rifle. My heavy weapon is the Particle Beam.

My bonus power is Slam. Once an unshielded enemy exposes himself, I can do grievous injury to him. It also can be a life saver when you get overrun, giving you time to put an enemy such as a husk on the ground so you can waste him before he kills you.

d. Armor. There are two sets of armor that I recommend for Insanity. Cerberus which comes with the Network. Or I've recently had success with the Kestrel armor which comes with the Aegis pack that is downloadable content. It's a little bit better than the rest of the armor you can use. Also save your Medi-gel for the Human Reaper fight.

3. First, objective: Open the valves. I've sent a loyal Legion into the tubes to get the doors open. He'll get stuck and you will have to open valves with a control panel to allow him to proceed. The tube is hot and he is in danger. The health bar is at your right. When it hits critical, it will countdown. Plus, Legion will tell when things start to get bad.

a. Harbinger first. The main thing about moving and opening the valves is that when you are attacked by Collectors, there will always be Harbinger. Now in the later part of the section, you run into Collector assassin with particle beams. These guys are second as far as who to kill first. It's always Harbinger first. He will kill you in seconds and he moves on your position.

Stay in cover until you kill Harbinger. Remember to avoid his Push attack which is a slow ball of energy. It will force you out of cover and his minions will kill you quickly. Unleash your assault rifle on him. And use the squad's powers to bring him down.

There's no need to position the squad. That sounds somewhat counter intuitive. When I did position them, they would get killed. Letting them move seems to keep them alive. Maybe that's because they're moving targets.

b. Open those valves even when there are still enemies. Let me give you a caveat with that statement. Check Legion's health. If you have time, then finish off the rest of the Collectors. But if you've killed Harbinger and Legion is suffering, you'll have to RUN to the panel. Hit it. Then get into cover. By the way you are saving your game as go, aren't you?

4. Second Objective: The Long Walk. Jack is my biotic for the Long Walk. She will escort you and your squad. You cannot leave the biotic bubble without damage from the Seeker swarms. But you can launch attacks within the bubble.

a. The Bridge. As you approach a bridge, you see Collectors flying in. You can attack them in the air with biotics so do so. Stay on the high ground. Harbinger will try to advance up the bridge, but you can rain fire on him. Eventually you wipe this group out.

When you cross the bridge, you're attacked by husks. Remember to use Zaeed's Inferno Grenade. Kill them. The move again. Collectors fly in. Pause the game with the squad power wheel. Target flying Collctors. Okay, you now take cover in a ditch. Remember take out Harbinger first. Stay in cover but don't be sparse with the lead you feed him. Let him have it. Once he's down, take out your sniper rifle and take out the rest of the Collectors. Once you're done, scavenge for ammo and save your game. As you move forward, if you made Garrus the leader of the fire team you will hear him praise the squad over your radio.

b. The Scion. Eventually you reach another ditch. You get jumped by husks and abominations aka exploding husks. Oh, there's a Scion in the mix too. It gets a little hairy.

Unleash your assault rifle on the husks and especially the abominations. You may have to pause the game by accessing the squad power wheel to see where the bad guys are. If you're lucky, some of the husks will no longer have armor. You can now Slam them. If husks breach the bubble, don't be shy about using Zaeed's Inferno grenade. Better to have a little damage from friendly fire then to be killed by an abominations' explosion while getting beaten by a husk. When there's a clearing of the husks, now let the Scion have it. Once everyone is dead, scavenge for ammo. Then save your game.

You climb out of the ditch. More husks confront you. But these guys are easy. Objective over.

5. Third Objective: Platform Fight. My squad for the last battle is the same, Miranda and Zaeed. Okay you give your command the room speech. Platforms come in to attack you. This section is not hard.

Stay in cover. As soon as you kill the bad guys on one platform, another one flies in. Keep a wall between you and the new enemies. Remember to target Harbinger first. Eventually you reach the last platform with husks and and two Scions. Husks get it first. Then while staying under cover, let the Scions have it. Objective done.

6. Fourth Objective: Destroy the Reaper.

a. Destroy the Feeding Tubes. Okay while you're destroying the feeding tubes, Collectors fly in on platforms. You know the drill. Stay in cover. Harbinger gets his first. Once, you've destroyed the tubes, this part of the objective is over. Cool cutscene and the Reaper attacks again.

b. Destroy the Reaper. On Insanity, the Reaper is stronger. It will take more time to bring him down. Use your heavy weapon. Target the energy vortex around the Reaper's cannon. Stay under cover. The Reaper will telegraph his attack with a loud windup so it's easy to get into cover. Just don't caught in it. Other Collectors make an appearance, stay in cover and deal with them.

Good to see you Mr. Harbinger. Huh? You say. Later in the fight, Harbinger makes an occasional appearance. He's usually alone. He takes priority. But get this. If you kill him, he drops heavy weapon ammo. Yeah. You will run out of heavy weapon ammo while taking down the Reaper. So when you whack Harbinger, he drops a clip for your heavy weapon. Keep the pressure on the Reaper. Eventually you bring it down.

7. Conclusion. Watch the cool cutscene. See the Normandy get away. Tell the Illusive Man off. And get the gratitude of your entire crew. Oh, and collect the Insanity Achievement worth 75 Gamer points.

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