Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Congressman Anthony Weiner Should Resign

Last night Rachel Maddow did a piece on the hypocrisy of the Republicans demanding Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign. That's because Republican Senator David Vitter (La.) actually visited a brothel while he was a senator and the Republicans are not asking him to resign. Vitter actually had sex outside of marriage. What did Weiner do? He sent pictures of his junk to adult women. Was that illegal? Possibly not. But Vitter did break the law whether one believes prostitution should be legalized or not. Great piece by Maddow on what she calls the Vitter Problem. Good interview with Larry Flynt. Video below.

But I believe New York Congressman Anthony Weiner should resign. Here's why. Congressman Anthony Weiner is a fighter for the working man. He doesn't defend the corporate interests or the rich. Weinter's ideas on fairness are righteous. This sex scandal diminishes those ideas. It clouds them up for the rest of the nation, especially those who maybe listening . I am confident that Weiner's Ninth District will elect a person who has the same liberal ideas that Weiner has. Weiner's liberal ideas must survive and thrive. That may mean they need another voice.

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