Saturday, February 12, 2011

On Freedom for Egypt

After the people of Egypt have forced out President Hosni Mubarak, what does it mean for the country? Are they heading for a Jeffersonian democracy? It's a Muslim country where they have never know freedom. Or will it become a theocracy like Iran?

This is where the United States can lead. And it must come from President Barack Obama. After all, he is a constitutional law professor. He must tell the people who are dmanding freedom what it means. Freedom is more than just majority rule. It is the freedom of the indivdual. Freedom of speech. And yes, that would include freedom of religion. It means a fair judiciary. Civilian control of the military.

I am hopeful that Egypt will not turn into Iran. This revoulution was fueld by the Internet. And that's freedom of speech. It's something that I believe the Egyptian people will not want to give up.

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