Monday, February 7, 2011


The Pittsburgh Steelers lost the Super Bowl, 31-25. Needless to say I hate the Steelers. And there are many in the city of Cincinnati that do also. I went to a Cincy pub and the patrons all cheered loudly when those jerks from Pittsburgh lost.

You may ask why do I hate the Steelers. It's not just because they are in the same division as the Cincinnati Bengals. They're a bunch of bums. Take their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. He got a college girl drunk, took advantage of her with the help of his cop security. Of course, there was that cheap hit by Kimo Von Oelhoffen in a 2006 playoff game who used his shoulder to destroy Carson Palmer's knee. Wide receiver Hines Wards broke Bengals linebacker Keith River's jaw with a vicious block. It was unnecessary. He is considered by some as the NFL's dirtiest player.

So it was justice that the Steelers lost. There are times the bad guys win. This time they lost.

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