Tuesday, July 31, 2018

New strategy for Trump Team: Our Collusion is not a crime

After, watching conservative President Trump's legal team on  news programs over the last two days,  a new strategy against the Trump-Russia investigation has arisen. It seems that they are conceding the campaign worked with Russians to win the election. Yesterday, Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani went all  over cable news to say that collusion is not a crime. Check out Giuliani's unhinged interview on CNN below. Sunday night on Kasie Hunt's MSNBC show, Trump defender Alan Dershowitz  is now arguing that even if the Trump campaign got the hacked Democratic party emails that they were protected by the First Amendment.  (The Hill with embedded video.)

So, now we are seeing a change of stories from the Trump team. Trump's former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, had his offices raided where millions of files  were seized. It's my opinion that Trump now knows the "bodies" will be discovered. On Thursday, there was a story that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians. Now with the no collusion defense, we're seeing the narrative come out that "If Trump accepted help from the Russians with hacked emails then this collusion was not against the law." Law professor Mimi Rocah on Hunt's show says this also. (Embedded video with The Hill  at 16:30)

One big problem with Team Trump's new defense.  Yes, collusion is not a crime.  But conspiracy, aiding and abetting is.  Soliciting opposition research from a foreign source is illegal.  See 11 CFR 110.20.  So if the campaign colluded  or conspired with the Russians to use hacked emails, it's a crime.  As more bad facts are  found out, it's likely Team Trump will look to find a way to spin the idea that a political campaign can get help from a foreign government to win an election.  Of course, if there's some quid pro quo such as lifting of sanctions we've got other charges such as bribery.

 America, vote liberal Democrat if you want to live. 

By the way, Giuliani admits to a  meeting of campaign officials  before the Trump Tower meeting! At the 5:30 mark, Giuliani talks about an alleged  one on one meeting between Trump and Trump Jr.  Then two  days before,  there's supposed to be a meeting of five people.  (Trump Jr. , Kushner, Gates, Manafort, and another)

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