Friday, June 22, 2018

Conservative Trump's family separation plan was meant to be a deterrence

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has lately been saying that conservative President Trump's no tolerance illegal immigration plan was not designed to be a family separation plan. (MSNBC Morning Joe video below)   Liar. As the video shows, the Trump administration through Sessions told the public that children would be removed from parents since children would not be allowed to stay with their parents when they were arrested. Under former President Obama, parents were cited back to court in what conservatives call "catch and release."

What's apparent is from the actual words of Trump administration officials is that the zero tolerance policy was designed to be a deterrence to Latin American immigrants. (The Hill, June 19, 2018)

"We expect the new policy will result in a deterrence effect," said Steven Wagner. Assistant Secretary for HHS. Id.   Chief of Staff John Kelly in 2017 as Director of Homeland Security said this in a NPR interview,   "A big name of the game is is deterrence.   He acknowledged that separating families could be a "tough deterrent-would be a tough deterrent. ( NPR transcript. )

My fellow Americans, the Trump administration  wanted to rip children away from their parents as a deterrent.  Conservative Trump is cruel and inhumane. 

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northierthanthou said...

Rather fascinating how much malice these evangelical Christians can muster, isn't it?