Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Don't believe Trump when he says he didn't profit from Cohen's schemes

Conservative President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen received millions of dollars of payment for his proximity to Trump. (Huffington Post. ) It is obvious that these companies believed that Cohen could lobby Trump. One of the companies was AT&T which is trying to buy Time Warner. That bid must be approved by Trump's Justice Department. And it was not. There's currently litigation to stop the acquisition.

Okay, so Trump tweets that he and the Justice Department is trying to stop the merger. (Tweet below.) He wants you to think that he's not in cahoots with Cohen because if he were, there would be evidence that AT&T would get more favorable treatment. By the way, Trump's handling of China's ZTE demonstrates Trump's corruption but I digress.

Don't believe Trump's alibi here. First, remember that Trump is a serial liar. (Washington Post; Trump has made 3001 false statements since being President.) Second, Trump has conned people in the past and this could be just another con. Remember, Trump University? Or how about the time he claimed to "screw" Libya's late and former leader Gaddafi? Trump claims he leased Gaddafi land for much more than what its worth and then didn't allow him to use it. (Huffington Post with Trump video. ) This could be more of a Trump con. Get money from AT&T then "screw" them by not giving them what they want. And Trump hates CNN. AT&T's purchase of Time Warner would include CNN since Time Warner is its parent company.

I'm not the only one that is suspicious of Trump. On the May 11, 2018, Morning Joe shoe, Joe Scarborough speculates that the conservative Trump might have gotten a piece of the action. (Morning Joe video below.) Check out the video at the 14 minute mark where Scarborough opines that Trump was likely to "wet his beak."

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