Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Conservative President Trump: I am America

Yesterday, Republican President Donald Trump ranted against the searches by the FBI of Michael Cohen. He's Trump's personal lawyer and aka as Trump's fixer. I would also note that Cohen is also Trump's consigliere or his Mafia adviser. In front of leaders of our military, Trump said such searches were "an attack against our country." New York Magazine. Since Cohen probably has the dirt on Trump, I surmise that Trump's worried. This comment seems that Trump is equating himself to America.

One thing I have to say to Trump. You are not America. This country is a nation of three hundred twenty million souls pursing happiness and living under the Constitution of the United States. Trump, you are the face of conservative Republicans. You are also a greedy, narcissistic, fascist.

Here's Rachel Maddow's piece on yesterday's searches. Note to you right-wing nuts. The searches were done by the New York section of the Justice Department. It was a referral from Special Counsel Mueller's office. He did not conduct it. And quick lesson in law here, my right-wing nut friends. Law enforcement may prosecute for illegal things they discover in the course of a lawful investigation. It's called the "plain view" doctrine. The video below details what the FBI did to get the warrant on a lawyer. It's extensive. And the attorney client privilege is not absolute. There's a crime-fraud exception.

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