Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Former CIA chief says under Trump, "Our future is in jeopardy."

Former CIA director John Brennan told MSNBC's Morning Joe that under conservative President Trump that, "Our future is in jeopardy." That's based on Trump's ignorance, lack of integrity and dishonesty. Brennan also said Trump was mean spirited. Yeah, all of that is true. (MSNBC video below at the 2 minute mark.) Brennan also says that Russia may have something on Trump. (Five minute mark) I agree. What else could explain why Trump fawns over Russian president Vladimir Putin. Of course, Brennan being former CIA chief, probably has more inside knowledge than most Americans. And one more thing. Check out Brennan's tweet below in response to the firing of FBI agent Andrew McCabe. I love it when he says that "America will triumph over you." Let's hope so.

Brennan's response to Trump's hateful tweet celebrating McCabe's termination.

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