Monday, January 1, 2018

The Bengals' Super Bowl moment

 I stopped watching the Cincinnati Bengals game against the Baltimore Ravens when it looked like the Ravens were going to take the lead.  Typical Bengals heartbreaking loss.  Then something happened with less than a minute to play and the Bengals down 27-24.

The Bengals were down to their last play.  4th and 12.  The Ravens needed the win to make the playoffs.  The Buffalo Bills needed the Ravens to lose to make the playoffs.  It looks grim if you're a Bills' fan.  But Andy "The Red Rifle" Dalton hit an open Tyler Boyd in the seam. He shot through the defenders for a touchdown.    Hey , no calling Dalton "Opie" today.  For one brief shining moment,  the  Cincinnati Bengals had their miraculous Super Bowl play.  Bengals win 31-27.   The Bills send love and chicken wings to the Bengals.   Check out the play below.  And Happy New Year Bengals Nation and the people of Buffalo, New York. 

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