Sunday, December 24, 2017

Politically correct radical liberals lose their minds over white actresses on a magazine

The Huffington Post, overly sensitive politically correct liberals, and radical feminists have freaked out over the cover of the Los Angeles Times section The Envelope which featured white actresses. (Tweet and comment below.) Kate Harding tweeted,

Really? A couple of things, Ms. Harding and radicals. The article for the magazine is the view of top actresses in recent movies about the treatment of women in cinema. They just happen to be white. Yes, the Huffington Post points out that there are women of color that could have been added. So what? It's the opinion of the editor that these women have excellent chances at Oscar nominations. Do we need a quota for an opinion of talent? Second, being in a picture with only white women does not mean that any of these actresses are against diversity. Don't blame them.

I imagine that some of these women on the cover are liberal. At least I can say that for Jessica Chastain. (Wikipedia) Radical feminists and liberals should not eat their own. I'm a liberal and the cover didn't bother me. If you want more diversity in cinema then cast more people of color in parts. But no quota on judging what is top talent.

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